Skills Work Philosophy

My design skills are founded on the basis of all great design: great communication. I believe that creating open networks of communication with people from every branch of the deign process brings forth the most innovative designs; collaboration, I believe, is the future of this industry. I use these verbal, visual and written skills together to present my digital works created in the Adobe products Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop; as well as models and renderings built in Solidworks. While my software skills give my competitors a run for their money, my favorite part of working in design is bringing designs through to the prototyping stage and creating models. I'm as at home in the shop as I am in the studio.

I have been exposed to a wide range of clients and projects by owning and operating my own design practice, which deals mainly in branding and custom web and software development. From this, I have not only honed my graphic and UX design skills, but I have also been faced with managing contracts and client retention. My work with a small Canadian company to, in part, launch a management system for admin logistics and merchandising has given me an edge when it comes to working within corporate budgets and planning. Consulting has exposed me to a variety of industries and design strategies - from culture-specifc material contraints to basic budgetary concerns in new businesses.

I believe that design is a dynamic interaction whereby we create experiences with objects and systems in a time and space that we cannot control. I love to be immersed in the story of a product - and to become part of it. It has been a great fortune to have worked and been taught that with integrity and hard work one can create new sustainable products for our future. It is my personal pursuit to design with passion and to pass on to every project a sense of wonder and an experience worth remembering. Really nothing is better than capturing the fleeting excitement of someone seeing something really clever for the first time ... and smiling.